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Capto Gen 2

At CAPTO our desire to improve never stops!

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Capto Gen 2 Putter Shaft

Capto Gen 2

All the data, all the knowledge

CAPTO Gen 2 sensors offers every conceivable parameter available to take your putting up a level. Lightweight and easy to use instant feedback display, extra long life battery with fast charge and quick lock shaft coupling the Gen 2 model is perfect for coach, player or club looking to expand their knowledge and ability with the very best cutting edge technology.


Capto is equipped with nine measurement sensors and five calibration sensors.​ The measurement sensors are 3 magnetometers, 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers, to provide highly accurate measurements that you can trust.

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Capto Gen 2 Side

Improved Hardware

With 9 sensors and 180 minute battery life, with improved USB C connection. Capto Gen 2 allows you to work in confidence

Improved Shaft Coupling

New screw thread design ensures perfect fit on all putters.

Display Monitor

Instant feedback on key parameters, even when device is not connect to the app. Great for warm up and practice.

Feature Packed

Tech Specs

Sensor Icon
Tri Sensors

3 magnetometers, 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers.

Accuracy Icon

3 magnetometers, 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers.

Compatibility Icon

Get instant feedback
on any IOS, Android or Windows device

Weight Icon
Dimensions & Weight

54 x 38 x 45mm
62g / 2.2oz


Works with 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals.

Feedback Icon
Instant Feedbck

Live Biofeedback display, gives instant data on key parameters

Battery Icon

Up to 180 minute battery life

AIM Icon

Get instant feedback on how accurate your aim is to target

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Easy Setup

Simple setup.
Ready in no time

Design Icon
New Design

All new state-of-the-art design

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All the Data

Instant data on over 40 parameters

Connectivity Icon

Improved USB-C connectivity


The Capto Putting sensor is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. The sensor along with the App are the core of the Capto Putting System. Install it on any putter, launch your app and you are ready to go!

The App along with the sensor are the core of the Capto Putting System. The Capto App is compatible with Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS . You can use one sensor with all your devices (unlimited), and share the data between them with our unique cloud database.

The software interface is the same for all devices. ​The data provided by the sensor allows to measures over 40 parameters. ​


NEW - AIM Feature

Capto 2 comes built in with the new Aim feature enabling players and instructors directly see how well they are setting up to the ball. The Capto app will understand where player is
aiming automatically, providing a live aim compass, with LAB feedback as well as an audible sound for good and bad aim, providing instant feedback to the player.

Also available as a bolt on extra for Capto Gen 1 users.

Stroke Metrics

View metrics of not only address and impact, but the entire stroke. For example, in the picture shown you will see a graph showing face angle throughout the stroke. You can see the face angle relative to start position for every frame. This is displayed in a graph, shown as a simple number and is conveyed using a visual representation.

3D Motion

View the stroke and all movements of the putter from every conceivable angle. As well as understanding specific metrics, including putt and sweet spot planes, 3D Motion allows the user to move around and view the putting stroke however they wish. Stunning visuals and precise measurements provide unparalleled feedback.

Smart Visuals

With 3D Motion, we know we can view the stroke and all movements of the putter from every conceivable angle. Capto also provides visual representations and measurements based on more familiar views. Examples like path and angle of attack, show measurements throughout the stroke and have intelligible visuals for the user to view.

Live Biofeedback

Receive instant feedback with live putter positions. Biofeedback on aim is immediate, allowing the user to understand the putters live position on-the-spot. The putter may be calibrated to several targets at once, increasing variation and further testing aiming ability.

Complete Portability

Once attached to the putter, Capto continues to collect data for every single putt, regardless of position on the green. Capture data over a variety of different putts, changing distance and / or slope as desired. You may also gather stroke data without being connected to the app, making instant feedback on the course easier than ever.

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